Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cool School Tool #1: Build Your Wild Self

From time to time, I will share in this blog a “cool tool for schools.” This might be a tool you will want to use, or share with your staff, or pass along in a parent newsletter. The tools presented here will be simple or fun or both. This one fits the “both” category.

Build Your Wild Self

The Wildlife Conservation Society/New York Zoos and Aquarium has unveiled Build Your Wild Self, a fun tool that kids (and principals too!) are sure to love. Kids start by clicking the Body button and choosing their body (boy or girl) and skin color (from nine different skin tones that cover the gamut). Then they add their Hair, Eyes, Mouth, and Clothes. Then the Build Your Wild Self tool gets really cool! That’s when kids can dress up as their favorite animals by adding antlers, fins, tails, and more. Let every kid use this simple technology to create his or her “wild self” and then write a story about the adventures they had the day they became a “deer-pig-gator” or whatever their wild self is called. Teachers can post the kids’ stories on a bulletin board or in a class book titled “Room 12: Where the Wild Things Are.”

Does this look like a Cool School Tool you might use?

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  1. Great idea Gary. Super fun for me and the students at ASH. I plan on sending it to them this summer and having them bring their Wild Thing to school the first week to share with me.

    Thanks again,

    Tim Messick
    American School of The Hague