Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'Tips for Teachers' Cards:
Free for the Asking

Long gone are the days when teachers simply taught reading, writing, and 'rithematic. Today’s educators are tasked with so much more. "Indeed," says Craig Gilman, "educators today are often held accountable not only for the academic progress of a growing diversity of students, but also for their students’ welfare and well-being."

That's one of the reasons that American Public University is offering educators four fabulous resources, adds Gilman, who is the university's manager of education markets. Each of APU's four complimentary "Tips for Teachers" cards stands as a handy 6- x 8-inch laminated reference tool that any teacher will find to be a valuable resource in meeting the needs of students.


If you're looking for something useful to give your teachers during November's American Education Week celebrations or for any other reason, take a look at these cards. As a principal, you can order sets of one or all of the cards so that every teacher can benefit from these practical classroom tools.

The Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Classroom card provides tips for recognizing students who may have ADD/ADHD. It also provides “best practices” for teaching students with the disorders and classroom accommodations to encourage better learning.

The Bullying Intervention card defines bullying and recommends immediate intervention and follow-up strategies to support the victim. The card includes tips for modifying the behavior of the student who is bullying to foster a bully-free environment.

The Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect card highlights the major types of abuse, including physical, sexual, and emotional maltreatment and neglect. It also describes behavioral and other changes that may indicate abuse.

The Teen Depression and Suicide card summarizes the signs and symptoms of depression in teens and how it differs from adult depression. It also describes how to talk to teens who are depressed – and the dangers of untreated depression.


Complimentary "Tips for Teachers" Cards
American Public University’s Tips for Teachers cards provide easy-to-reference recognition signs of child welfare concerns as well as strategies and techniques that help teachers be more effective in the classroom and support the well-being of students. Click the familiar Adobe PDF symbol next to each card description to view the card in detail. While you are at it, take a quick look at APU's programs for educators.

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