Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video PD Spurs Engagement Through Humor

When administrators in the Mesquite (Texas) Independent School District wanted principals to complete 100 classroom walkthroughs before spring break, they employed many tools to keep principals focused on that goal. A humorous video featuring three dancing principals was one effort that grabbed a lot of attention. As it made clear the goal, this video parody of the popular Nextel Dance commercials also modeled the value of technology that is available to the principals. (Click the > below to play the video.)

When administrators introduced a district-wide goal of raising TAKS [state test] scores by 10 percent, the video parody below of Sonic restaurant commercials was one tool they employed to drive home their goal with a little humor. (Click the > below to play the video.)

“We’ve been doing these videos since 2006,” Jeannie Stone, a district administrator who works with the videos, told the Dallas News (see the Dallas News article.) "This way of delivering a message has more appeal."

Staff Meeting Idea

Another series of videos created by Mesquite ISD staff members spotlights two teachers who have two very different classroom approaches. These hilarious videos compare today’s students to students of the past as they gently nudge teachers to use technology and employ more variety and individualization in their classroom instruction. You might share one or two of the five video links below with your own staff. After viewing the videos, let your staff discuss the important underlying messages. These videos are sure to inspire a lively discussion!

Clipboard Video

Counseling Video

Touche Video

Better Video

Fun Stuff Video

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