Monday, September 13, 2010

NBC Embarks on
‘Education Nation’ Summit

NBC News is about to embark on its much heralded “Education Nation” Summit, the September 27-28 centerpiece of its weeklong “Education Nation” initiative that begins on the “Meet the Press” broadcast of Sunday, September 26.

The Summit will convene the foremost plicymakers, educators, members of the business community, and engaged citizens in a national discussion about the challenges, potential solutions, and innovations spanning today’s education landscape.

“The response we’ve received from leaders in education has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Lisa Gersh, President of Strategic Initiatives at NBC News. “The experts we have convened at ‘Education Nation’ will highlight some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in education in this country, jumpstarting a national conversation about one of the most pressing issues of our time.”

For the entire week of September 27, all NBC platforms -- “Nightly News,” “Today,” “Your Business,” MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo,, and -- will highlight educational success stories, uncover staggering truths and myths about education, and demonstrate how poor education cripples our economy and society.

Participants in the Education Nation Summit will include
  • Michael Bloomberg: Mayor, City of New York
  • Geoffrey Canada: CEO & President of Harlem Children's Zone Project
  • Arne Duncan: US Secretary of Education
  • Byron Garrett: CEO of the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Allan Golston, President, US Program, The Gates Foundation
  • Reed Hastings: Founder & CEO of Netflix
  • Walter Isaacson: President & CEO of the Aspen Institute
  • Joel Klein: Chancellor of New York City Schools
  • Wendy Kopp: CEO and Founder of Teach for America
  • John Legend: Musician; Founder of the Show Me Campaign
  • Gregory McGinity: Managing Director of Policy, The Broad Education Foundation
  • Bill Pepicello, Ph.D.: President of University of Phoenix
  • Sally Ride: First Female Astronaut; Vice-chair of Change the Equation
  • Michelle Rhee: Chancellor, District of Columbia Public School System of Washington, D.C.
  • Margaret Spellings: Former US Secretary of Education
  • Antonio Villaraigosa: Mayor, City of Los Angeles, Californi
  • Randi Weingarten: President of American Federation of Teachers (AFT-CLO)

  • The Summit’s 11 panel sessions will present discussions on important topics in education such as:
  • Job One: Preparing America's students to compete in the global economy
  • The Innovation Gap: Bringing the technology revolution to the schoolhouse
  • Change Agents: How do we reinvent the status quo at all levels?
  • Good Apples: How do we keep good teachers, throw out bad ones, and put a new shine on the profession?
  • A Fresh Start: Leveling the playing field before school begins
  • Shrinking the Achievement Gap: Is education the civil rights issue of our time?
  • The Parent and the Village: Fostering a learning culture in our communities

  • NBC’s “Education Nation” mission statement states, “We will continue our coverage to hold our leaders and communities accountable for improving outcomes in the near and long terms. NBC News will follow this story until this mission is fulfilled.”


    What Is ‘Education Nation’? The Education Nation Summit will be held in the rink space at Rockefeller Plaza (New York City) on September 27th and 28th. Participants will come together for a series of panel sessions on the challenges of America's education system, the success stories, and the solutions. Learn more

    Learning Plaza. From September 26th-30th, Rockefeller Plaza will be transformed into a "Learning Plaza," an interactive experience open to the public that will explore some of the most innovative aspects of American education. Learn more

    Teacher Town Hall. Hosted by NBC News anchor Brian Williams, the Teacher Town Hall will bring together teachers from across the country, both in-person and online, to brainstorm ideas, talk about what works in the classroom, and highlight the challenges of today’s education system. The Teacher Town Hall will air LIVE on MSNBC and stream at,,, and at 12 p.m. EDT on Sunday, September 26th. Learn more

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    1. Where are the parents? where are the working teachers? Where are the principals, for that matter?

      This is a one-sided monolithic "summit" controlled by the Broad and Gates foundation -- the same way they want to monopolize control over our schools.

    2. Wow, whatever happened to the idea of balanced journalism? Most of the names here represent one slant on education: hand public education over to private companies (charter management organizations, non-university teacher "training" -- they don't believe in teacher education!; and they also confuse test scores with actual student achievement. You'll notice they don't talk about student learning, just student "achievement" ; and by achievement, they refer consistently to test scores. You should try to get some balance in among your panelist: some folks who have dedicated their lives to public education because it is site for democracy and pluralism to be nurtured and taught.

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