Monday, September 27, 2010

Cool School Tool #5:
‘Superteacher’ Site a
Treasure for Your Teachers

It’s a syllables worksheet…
It’s a math puzzle…
It’ a brain teaser…

Add to your super hero status by sharing this great resource with your teachers: the Super Teacher Worksheets site presents veritable Kryptonite for student boredom!

Super Teacher Worksheets is the labor of love of Tim Wei, a third-grade teacher in upstate New York. Some time ago this mild-mannered educator took time to browse through the games and printables he had created over the years for his own students. He had accumulated a hard drive full of them!

“I figured I would upload the printables to share with other teachers,” Wei told Education World. Today, his site presents hundreds of free printables for teachers.

“The Web site is my hobby,” says Wei. He makes money from advertising that appears on the site, but most of the money he earns goes to pay for server space and additional printables.

“The site just took off and grew and grew,” Wei explained. “I am overwhelmed by the positive response I have gotten in emails from teachers and on my SuperTeacherWorksheets Facebook page.”

“The site isn't flashy -- no bells and whistles,” said Wei. (Hmmm. Not flashy. Kinda conjures up an image of Clark Kent, doesn't it?)

“It's just text, links, and pdf worksheets for teachers,” he added.

Which is just what teachers want!


“Learning math is fun when you're solving puzzles and riddles,” says Tim Wei. That's the secret behind two ebooks he offers for sale on a separate Web site.

"The two books offer fun ways for kids to build the math skills they'll need throughout their lives,” added Wei.

If you’re looking for a nice resource to add to your teachers’ professional development libraries, browse these ebooks today:

The Math Riddle Book
Kids complete a set of math problems. The answers to those problems help them to decode the answer to a laugh-out-loud riddle.

Secret Code Math
Kids use a picture-symbol key to decode math problems.


  1. LOVE the superteacherworksheet site! My colleagues and I use it often. We often have to buy things out of our own pockets. Thank you to superteacherworksheet site!

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