Monday, October 4, 2010

Anti-Bullying Videos
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This month, thousands of schools will recognize Bullying Prevention Month with special school-wide assemblies and teacher lessons. Below I share a handful of videos and other resources that will make powerful additions to your assembly program or classroom discussions.


If you have a big screen in your auditorium, consider sharing a video or two. These videos will offer strikingly effective visual confirmation of the themes you present. If you are not planning a school-wide assembly, you might share some of these videos during your school-wide news broadcasts. Or share the videos with your teachers, who can use them to start meaningful discussions in their classrooms.

Hero in the Hallway
This upbeat music video (above) drives home the point that bullying can happen anywhere -- and anyone can help put an end to it.

‘No, No Bully’ Music Video
This colorful animated video makes it clear that anyone can say no to bullying -- and that it is cool to do so.

Anti-Bullying Video
A cool blonde boy dyes his hair red in an act of solidarity against bullying.

‘If You Help Someone’ Music Video
The catchy lyric and bluesy sound of this video makes the point that “If you help someone, you know you help yourself.”

Words Hurt
A 30-second public-service announcement drives home the message that words can hurt.

Be a Champion
Kids who are part of the after-school drama class at San Jacinto Elementary School created this video advice for handling bullies.

Bullied to Death: ‘Wanda’s Song’
This video presents a montage of photos of kids who committed suicide because of bullying. (For middle or high school use only.)


If you’re looking for powerful videos to share with students, the National Center for Bullying Prevention has some good ones to use with elementary students. Just go to Kids Against Bullying and click Watch This, then Kid Vids.

If you teach middle or high school, be sure to check out the Center’s Teens Against Bullying page.

The Center’s Schools and Parents page has links to lesson plans, role plays, and much more.


Special Theme: Bullying
School violence is an issue in the news and on the minds of educators and administrators alike. Education World takes a look at the problem of bullying and how to stop it. This archive page includes articles, strategies, lesson plans, and much more.

Students Pledge to End Bullying
Students and staff at Forsyth (Missouri) Elementary School have chosen to take a stand against bullying. A bulletin board display of student-signed handprints is a very visual reminder of the PreK-4 students’ very public commitment to take a stand against bullying.

Stop Bullying Now
Education World offers ten lessons designed to teach students to respect diversity and peacefully resolve ideological differences. Included: Activities for teaching kids about empathy, anger management, and effective conflict resolution.


  1. Unlucky Pappu | Funny Video | Must Watch

    I loved this ! Who does this remind you of ... lol.
    Watch Now.!!

  2. BOth of my sons have dropped out of school due to bullying by not only the students, but by the staff and administration who encouraged it. I could do nothing to stop it as the principal bullied me as a single mother also and we live in a small rural area where there is no help. What a helpless feeling it is to be bullied! I'm so sorry for the losses of life, education, and quality of life that many suffer due to the hatred of others!

  3. Anti-bullying music video just released, empowers kids to speak up in the face of bullying and be a friend to someone who is being bullied. With a cast of over 150, "My Song for Taylor Swift" was released last week, and is already has been used for several school/community anti-bullying events to show kids examples of positive actions that can be taken. This song, with its catchy tune will be premiered next week to an audience of 10,000 people at a professional hockey game. You can see it online at: For those who want to buy the song, it is available on iTunes and Amazon, and 100% of the net proceeds will go, as described in the video, to a national anti-bullying organization. Please check it out! Thank you! Jolie.

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